Friday, May 20, 2011

PANAS!! Nama-nama Syarikat yang dikuasai Najib dan Kroninya...

Nazri Aziz pernah berkata dari 100% pendedahan yang dibuat oleh Raja Petra melalui Malaysia Today hanya 40% yang benar.. oleh sebab itu kini dari 4000 dokumen yang bakal didedahkan oleh Malaysia Today yang kini berkerjasama dengan Wikileaks sudah pasti 1600 pendedahan adalah benar..

Dulu bila Wikileaks mendedahkan kabel tentang Anwar riuh rendah pencacai UMNO memainkan pendedahan tersebut.. sekarang mari kita lihat siapa yang kena..

Menurut Raja Petra pendedahan ini adalah yang pertama dari 4000 dokumen yan mempunyai kaitan dengan Kerajaan UMNO/BN.

Dalam siri pendedahan yang pertama ini selain dari 19 nama kroni Najib (sila lihat di SINI) nama-nama Syarikat yang mana Najib atau salah seorang dari anggota keluarganya terlibat secara langsung sebagai Ahli Lembaga Pengarah Eksekutif.

Sebahagian besar dari Syarikat ini memegang atau memperolehi kontrak Kerajaan dan mempunyai hubungan terus dalam perniagaan dengan Kerajaan UMNO/BN..

Associated Companies

5. (C) Post used both open as well as informed sources to build an initial picture of the companies associated with Najib and or his family members. The companies listed below all have Najib or one of his immediate family members on their executive boards. Most of the companies listed also hold government contracts or are believed to have substantial business interaction with the government.

-- Commercial International Merchant Bankers (CIMB) Group: Malaysia's second largest financial services provider and the fifth largest in Southeast Asia. It is owned by Bumiputra-Commerce Holding Berhad (BCHB), which is listed on Malaysia's stock exchange, the Bursa Malaysia, with a market capitalization of 26.6 Billion ringgit (about USD7.4 billion).

-- Symphony House Berhad: A publicly listed company mainly involved in business process outsourcing.

-- Johan Holdings: A publicly listed company involved in manufacturing ceramic tiles, distribution and sale of health foods and supplements, property development, and resorts and hotels.

-- Sapura Group: Has businesses interests in the secured communications and oil & gas industries with investments in Australia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Pakistan and China.

-- Hong Leong Group: A Malaysian-based conglomerate with investments in financial services, manufacturing, and property and infrastructure development. The group's shares are listed on the stock exchanges of Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Europe.

-- Paramount Corporation Berhad: A publicly listed company with diverse interests in property development and investment, construction, and educational services.

-- TH Group Berhad: A publicly listed company involved in plantations, contracting, biohealth care and information technology.

-- Dijaya Berhad: A publicly listed company involved in property development, investment, and management as well as investment holding and manufacturing.

-- MMC Group: A utilities and infrastructure group with interests in transportation and logistics, energy and utilities, engineering, and construction. Its international business dealings focus on the Middle East, with investments in utilities and logistics in that region.

-- DRB Hicom: The largest totally integrated automotive company in Malaysia, with operations in the manufacturing, assembly, and distribution of passenger and commercial vehicles. It also is involved in property and infrastructure development, and provides the Malaysian military land-based vehicles.

-- Hiap Teck Venture Berhad: A publicly listed company, it is the leading manufacturer of steel products in the country.

-- Mamee Double Decker Berhad: A publicly listed company involved in the manufacturing and marketing of a wide range of soft drinks, food and dairy products; other activities include property development.

-- Delloyd Ventures Berhad: An investment holding company with subsidiaries engaged in the manufacture and sale of automobile parts and accessories, palm oil plantations, repair and maintenance of motor vehicles, manufacture and export of agrichemicals, and magazine publishing.

-- Yeo Hiap Seng Berhad: Principally involved in the production, marketing, and sale of food, beverages, and sweetened condensed milk.

-- Nylex Berhad: Manufactures and markets vinyl-coated fabrics, calendered film and sheeting, and other plastic products, including geotextiles and prefabricated sub-soil drainage systems.

-- Daiman Development Berhad: Principally involved in property development and trading.

-- Ethos Capital: A boutique investment company chaired by Rohana Mahmood.

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