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Apa kata Dato Salleh Majid?

Assalammualaikum kepada para pembaca sekalian diharap anda semua berada dalam keadaan sihat sejahtera bersama keluarga tercinta…kali nie nak kongsi video dari seminar pada awal tahun 2010 lepas di tabung haji kelana Jaya
tapi sebelum itu beliau pernah menjadi jemputan dalam bijak wang, dikatakan selepas dia ditemuramah dalam program bijak wang..orang dah mula sebut-2 pasal emas
betul ke?apa betulke pulangan ASB tak sehebat emas?mari kita lihat perbandingan emas dengan ASB
Kalau kita lihat pada video diatas dato Salleh Majid ada baca dari satu slide powerpoint..kebetulan geng ada…lihat dibawah

ok selepas Dato Salleh ditemuramah…dia juga telah menulis satu artikal dalam Akhbar utusan..
Tentu para pembaca susah nak baca keratan akhbar ini…tapi jangan risau ada salinannya tapi dalam bahasa English la…hehehe kalau tak faham…belajar ler bahasa ke-2..hehehe ok baca dibawah
ARKIB : 14/11/2009 (utusan malaysia)
Saranan Salleh
It’s better to invest in gold
Last week, I was invited by TV3 to explain through a programme “Bijak Wang” about gold being an alternative investment. Interest in gold as a form of investment is getting popular. Even during the programme there were a number of calls received from the public asking various questions on gold.
I was asked to give justification for investing in gold. Gold is actually a commodity which is impervious to the ravage of time. Despite being buried for thousands of years, gold still sparkle.
There are no countries whose currencies are not tied to the ups and downs of the price of gold. This includes our country during the 97/98 financial crisis when our currency was subjected to the peril of speculators. The ringgit went down to as low as RM4.50 per one U.S. dollar.
World currency is no longer supported by gold and countries like the United States of America can produce money as it like.
It has been for too long where the U.S. dollar has been used for everything from the national reserve to the world trade.
It can be said that no business can be made without the dollar until the European Union came up with its own currency, the Euro, which is the competitor to the U.S. dollar.
When the 2008 economic crisis started in America, the dollar has been under pressure as the main currency. This is made worst by countries like China which bought huge U.S. treasury bills, getting worried at the devaluation of the U.S. dollar and suggested that alternative currency be used in trade.
At the same time, China also invited countries in West Asia to change their directions to use other currencies besides the U.S. dollar.
The situation, coupled with the large American deficit amounting to trillions of dollars, forced many to buy gold as a refuge or insurance.
Those who take the measure are not only individuals but also country.
Last Tuesday, Indian National Bank had bought 200 tonnes of gold from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and it had pushed up the price of gold for that day. It is reported the IMF will sell another 200 tonnes of gold. The increase in demand will cause the price of gold to go up further.
Last week until yesterday (Friday) the price of gold increase from US$1091 (RM3,815) an ounce to the US$1106 (RM3,871).
However those who wish to buy gold should see that its purchase is to be deposited for 365 days. It is not for sale next week or next month in order to avoid volatility in the price of the commodity.
For example, since the last one year, the price of gold increase to as much as 52 percent from US$734.90 (RM2,572) an ounce to US$1116.80 (RM3,908).
If gold is not important why the Indian government bought 200 tonnes of gold last week?
The fall of the US currency and the possibility that economic recovery will take longer than expected, unemployment rate in the US reaching 10 percent and the unsettling problem that beset its housing sector, has sent shivers down the spine of many countries.
The Chinese government has advised its citizen to take five percent from their savings to be invested in the form of gold and this will push up the price of gold. If we are to recall the time when many people left their country like in the Vietnam war, they brought along with them gold. When they arrived in this country, they used their gold to start business and began a new life.
This can be seen in the area of Kota Tinggi, Johor. A lot of Kampucheans operate their business in jewelries and textiles. Gold is accepted everywhere in any countries. Gold is always gold.
As I have mentioned before, gold can be bought in the form of pass book and shilling or wafer from commercial banks. Besides, jewelry is also an investment in the form of gold although the purity of gold in jewelry is low compared with gold bar that is 91.6 percent for jewelry and 99.9 percent for shilling and gold bar.
For Bursa Malaysia, Gold Exchange Trade Fund (ETF) probably can be offered in our bourse.
The creation of Gold ETF, will enable more people to invest in gold with lower capital.
DATO SALLE MAJID, former President of Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (now Bursan Malaysia).

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